Scottish Single Malts

Aberlour- 10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich Caramel. Nose: Sweet and full with sherried raisins a hint of toffee and a pleasant maltiness. Palate: Quite full bodied, spicy, rich fruitcake, toffee notes, creamy malt feel and a hint of banana. Finish: Medium-long with caramel, honey, lingering sweet spices and rich malt.



Aberlour- 12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Deep oak. Nose: Buttery cinnamon toast and raisins followed by a stringent woody edge and balanced with glace cherry and charred oak. Palate: Bold and firm with a big sweet butter hit followed by maple syrup, brown sugar, plump raisins, nutmeg, milk chocolate and more charred oak. Finish: Medium with chocolate and charred oak persisting.



Abhainn Dearg-Spirit Of Lewis:IslandsABV46%

Colour: Deep amber. Nose: Grassy with tinned pears, tin, sweet cereals and mild herbs. Palate: Full, smooth with plump barley and bags of sherry and light esters. Finish: Short-medium, gentle spice, slightly metallic with a final fruit and nut chocolate taste. Not quite whisky.



AnCnoc-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Aromatic and robust with honeysuckle, fresh flowers, cereals and barley. Palate: Medium feel with good sweetness, hints of Madeira, winter spices, cacao and herbs. Finish: Medium in length with teasing play between oak and barley.



Ardbeg- 10 Y.O.: Islay ABV 46%

Colour: Light yellow. Nose: Vast amounts of vanilla accompanied by a big but subtle peat hit, capped with citrus fruits and wafts of sea spray. Palate: Light with sweet vanilla counterbalanced by lemon and lime followed shortly after by the surge of the signature peatsmoke. Finish: Long and gloriously filled with sea salted caramel and inimitable peatsmoke.                                                                                                                                                                              £3.80

Ardbeg-Perpetuum: Islay ABV 47.4%

Colour: Yellow. Nose: Mellow, rich and enticing with the unmistakeable combination of tar, soot and pine resin that leads to dark chocolate, treacle toffee, coffee grinds, a nutty oaky note, fresh briny sea spray a hint of linseed oil and the classic pine resin all balance with the peatsmoke. Palate: Medium and creamy, slightly chewy containing an intense, robust peatsmoke, savoury smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg all enveloped by a sweet creamy vanilla/milk chocolate note. Finish: Long, slightly bitter and drying with lingering smoke, vanilla and cocoa notes.                                                                                                                                                         £8.00



Ardbeg- Uigeadail: Islay ABV 54.2%

Colour: Deep Gold. Nose: Rich and weighty with heady smoky aromatics including Christmas cake, walnut oil, Parma violets, ocean spray, cedar and pine needles, smoky peat fire, well oiled tanned leather, treacle toffees, chocolate coated raisins, currants, baked banana and coffee. Palate: Full and rich with a mouth coating texture balancing sweet, spicy and deeply smoky flavours like Christmas cake, winter spices, leathery peatsmoke, honey, treacle and fine montecristo cigar. Finish: Ridiculously long, with raisins, deep mocha tones, and rich aromatic peatsmoke stays throughout the perfectly balanced finish.



Ardmore- Legacy:  Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Savoury rather than sweet, light barbecue char and earthy notes, followed by sweet cinnamon, fresh honey and vanilla toffee. Palate: Medium with charred smoky notes, drying oak, pear drops, subtle grassy touches, citrus and flowery heather. Finish: Lengthy peatsmoke finish with a touch of honeyed barley.                                                                                                                                                                                                           £3.00


Ardmore-Traditional Cask: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Rich amber. Nose: Full of caramel, toasted oak is rich with faint peaty notes. Palate: Lots of barley and cereal, oodles of rich bourbon, smoke and peat present, also, caramel sweetness and vanilla. Finish: Medium with a sharp edge, more caramel and sugary barley notes with lanolin smoothness and tapering smoke.



Arran-10 Y.O.: Islands ABV 46%

Colour: Copper gold. Nose: Herbal, biscuity, hedgerow greenness and dried grass. Palate: Sweet, quite malty, digestive biscuits followed by green fruits and cox’s apples.Finish: Medium-Long, slightly bitter with pleasant maltiness.



Arran-Amarone Cask finish: Islands ABV 50%

Colour: Chestnut red. Nose: Fruity with pears poached in honey, toasted almonds and mellow butterscotch. Palate: Full with dark chocolate notes accompanied by cherry and stewed fruits. Finish: Long with bittersweet stone fruits laced with cinnamon finish this elegant dram.



Arran- Robbie Burns: Islands ABV 40%

Colour: Pale yellow. Nose: Fresh with apple peel, blossom and spice, vanilla cream and juicy pear. Palate: Light to medium, fruity, notes of custard, warm pastry, more orchard fruit and some citrus fruit. Finish: Surprisingly lengthy for the lightness with apple peel and vanilla spice.                                                                                                                                       £2.90



Auchentoshan-12 Y.O.: Lowland ABV 40%

Colour: Honey gold. Nose: Toffee, floral and fruity with mashed banana, nutty malt and almond. Palate: Medium body that’s smooth, slightly oily and medium sweet with figs, malt, caramel, oranges, spices, hint of sherry and smoke. Finish: Long and nutty with sherry and orange marmalade.



Auchentoshan-Classic: Lowland ABV 40%

Colour: Amber. Nose: Cereals and exotic fruits. Palate: Tannins, sweet barley and vanilla. Finish: Very long and dry with malty sweetness.



Auchroisk-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Lemon Gold. Nose: Light with a playful zestiness, crème anglaise, cut grass and a delectable nuttiness. Palate: Medium and soft with vanilla, grassy notes and a natural

sweetness. Finish: Moderate in length, drying and with a soft cereal note lingering.



Aultmore-(G&M) 2000: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Light Lemon. Nose: Hay, flowers, sweet, vanilla, soft smoke. Palate: Sweet, creamy, sherry, summer berries. Finish: Moderate, smooth and buttery.


Balblair-Vintage 2003: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Lemon Yellow. Nose: Bright aromas of delicate flowers, light citrus blossom and a trickle of honey. Palate: Oranges and lemons, fresh and fruity with lots more honey. Finish: Moderate with a fair bit of spice.



Balmenach-(G&M)2004: Speyside ABV 46%

Colour: Bright Gold Nose: Fresh cut grass, hay, charred oak, herbs, malt. Palate: Sweet with mixed fruits, hints of black pepper and nuts, underlying wafts of sherry. Finish: Short to moderate, smooth and buttery.



Balvenie-14 Y.O. Caribbean Cask: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich copper. Nose: Rich with notes of tropical fruits, namely Passion fruit and creamy toffee. Palate: Comfortingly oily and mouth coating with sweet vanilla helping to accentuate the creamy texture and opening into notes of apples, mangos and a hint of orange in the background. Finish: Long with a vanilla based character.




Balvenie-12 Y.O. Doublewood: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Deep oak. Nose: Gristy and grapey with a supple nuttiness. Palate: Sweet with a good body, bourbon characteristics like vanilla with a little spice and balancing peat lurking quietly in the background. Finish: Medium to long with dry, spicy and beautiful warming sherry tones to the end.



Benromach-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Copper Gold. Nose: Dry with barley, oak and malt to the fore, spice and sherry rise strongly from the background. Palate: Big hit of barley, slightly herbal with cut grass and ginger. Finish: Long, bittersweet with ginger and dry sherry.                                                                                                                                                                             £3.80


Ben Nevis-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Fresh and quite dry, soft leafy notes and rich fruitiness, hints of orange and Seville marmalade with a light vinous character and nutty undertones. Palate: Gentle dryness, toffee, solid peat notes with a bitter sweetness. Finish: Moderate in length, toffee and caramel balanced with mochaccino and dark chocolate on the tail.



Ben Riach-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Lemon Gold. Nose: Floral and grassy with heather honey, vanilla sweetness and a hint of fresh peat. Palate: Silky with white peach, spicy toffee apple and floral honey. Finish: Medium, well refined, with a little spice and melted chocolate.




Ben Rinnes- 15 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Autumnal reddish brown. Nose: Heavy, almost creamy, whiff of sherry then firm smoky burnt-toffee character. Palate: Medium to full and firm, dry, assertive, crystallized sugar, hints of liquorice, aniseed, vanilla bitter chocolate and smoke. Finish: Long, satisfying, soothing, faintly sweet and smoky.



Blair Athol-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Rich chestnut. Nose: Nutty with sherried notes, a gentle whiff of peat. Palate: Good body, malty and sweet, with citrus and the peel thereof. Finish: Lengthy with peat smoke, syrup, good sweetness, bittersweet and drying.





Blair Athol-(OMC) 10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 50%

Colour: Bronze Gold. Nose: Good body, citrus, pomegranate, mulled wine and toffee. Palate: Full, thick, exotic spice, pepper, custard and butterscotch. Finish: Long with spice, caramel, fruit and a hint of smoke.



Bowmore -Small Batch Reserve: Islay ABV 40%

Colour: Warm gold. Nose: Vanilla fudge, sea air and peat smoke balanced with honeycomb and cinnamon. Palate: Citrus, gentle saltiness, vanilla and coconut. Finish: Medium length, mild smoke, Bourbon vanilla and lime.



Bowmore-12 Y.O.: Islay ABV 40%

Colour: Deep Copper. Nose: Very floral, lots of peat, smoky heather, ash, hay, coast and zesty orange. Palate: Lovely and rounded, perfumed smoke, coastal element develops with dark peat, blossom and oily sweetness. Finish: Long, very smoky, sea spray, dry grass, ash and citrus fruits.



Bruichladdich-The Laddie: Islay ABV 50%

Colour: Bright Greeny Gold. Nose: Fruity with conference pear, honeydew and red apple combined with sweet vanilla and faint hint of salinity. Palate: Luscious with fruits of the nose joined by papaya and guava, more powerful vanilla and mouth watering salinity. Finish: Lengthy with tropical fruit flavours slowly fading to leave a delicious mix of salty vanilla.



Bruichladdich- Organic: Islay ABV 46%

Colour: Late summer barley. Nose: Light almond, candied lemon, toasted barley, floral and fruit notes with a hint of lemon honey, vanilla, papaya, melon and kiwi. Palate: Thick and full yet subtle with barley sugar, almonds, honey, green jelly beans, pear drops, fresh lemons and malted barley. Finish: Long with natural honey sweetness and vanilla.                                                                                                                                                                          £4.80


Bruichladdich-Port Charlotte Heavily Peated:IslayABV40%

Colour: Gilded lily. Nose: Assertive waves of peatsmoke and Atlantic squall followed by iodine, crushed sea shells, charred oak, black pepper, paprika, leather and tobacco. Palate: Rich and full with bags of sweet, smooth, warm smoke and marine freshness, topped off with toffee, vanilla citrus fruit and mellow oak. Finish:          Long and warming with ongoing peat and sweetness.                                                                                                                                   £5.00





Bruichladdich-Port Charlotte Octomore 06.1 5 Y.O.:IslayABV57%

Colour: Pale gold. Nose: Strong but balanced peat smoke, offset by a lovely sweetness incorporating fruit, vanilla, chocolate, nuts, coffee, barley and a light medicinal edge with wafts of seaweed. Palate: Moderate body, with heavy peatsmoke balanced by a sweet, honey edge with vanilla, fruit, nuts, spices, pepper, lime, oil, bonfire smoke and seaweed.. Finish: Very long and warming with ongoing peat, honey sweetness, vanilla and ozone seaweed



Bunnahabhain-12 Y.O.: Islay ABV 46.3%

Colour: Yellow gold. Nose: Fresh, sweet, seaweed, malt and herbs. Palate: Soft, supple, sherry sweetness, juicy sultanas, malt and coastal spray. Finish: Long in length. Sherried, mochaccino, herbal, balanced salty tang.



Caol Ila-12 Y.O.: Islay ABV 43%

Colour: Pale yellow. Nose: Fresh, herbal. Rubbed peppermint leaves, wet cut grass, smoky, oily, cigar leaves, smoked ham and hickory. Palate: Good body, oily, tar, elegant smoke with hints of boiled sweets. Finish: Long with peppery, spicy warmth and moderate smokiness.



Clynelish-14 Y.O.: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Bright Gold. Nose: Zesty with mandarins and tangerines with a touch of smoke. Palate: Light and soft with great clarity, subtle acidity, orange, dry oak, vanilla, mixed fruits and leather. Finish: Quite long with a developing bitter sweet edge and spicy oak.




Cragganmore-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Aromatic, floral, heather, fruit salad, almonds and hay. Palate: Rich, honey, stone fruits, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and berries. Finish: Medium-long, smoky with delicate peppery spice.



Craigellachie-(G&M) 1993: Speyside ABV 46%

Colour: Full Gold. Nose: Fresh with green pear, vanilla, crème brulée and new leather. Palate: Nutty, orange peel, lavender, chilli, mint and sweet vanilla. Finish: Long and drying.







Craigellachie-13 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 46%

Colour: Lemon gold. Nose: Plenty of apple peelings with yeasty notes and light mineral touches lifted by soft vanilla, marshmallow, honey, citrus, hints of overripe banana. Palate: A little oily with a sweet, malty character emphasising the hints of apple pie, pineapple, whiffs of charcoal smoke, oak, spices and herbs. Finish: Medium in length with drying oak, liquorice and a hint of smoke.



Dalmore-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Deep Chestnut. Nose: Roasting coffee beans, oily nuttiness of fine espresso, notes of malt, cereal, butter and orange. Palate: Seville marmalade, triple sec, winter spices and fruitcake, zesty cocoa and milk chocolate. Finish: Medium to Long with oranges, sherry and cocoa butter.



Dailuaine-16 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Cereals, barley sugars, sherry, fruitcake and nuts. Palate: Medium body and clean with malt, estery fruit, sherry and nuts. Finish: Long and nutty with almonds, oak and smoke.



Dalwhinnie-15 Y.O.: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Lemon Gold. Nose: Aromatic with toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard and floral with apple blossom, honeysuckle, apple peels, pear and a touch of smoke. Palate: Malty with walnuts steeped in manuka honey and vanilla sponge, gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice. Finish: Long and malty with walnuts leading to almonds.




Deanston-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46.3%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Light, cereals, zesty orange marmalade and barley. Palate: Soft and mouth coating, nutty, caramel, oak and a touch of salinity. Finish: Quite abrupt but soft with lots of caramel.



Edradour-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Amber. Nose: Medium, great complexity, thoroughly fruity, sherry, sweetness and alluring vanilla. Palate: Cloying, seductive murkiness, rum, barley, toasted almonds. Finish: Medium – long, spiced fruitcake and crème anglaise.





Fettercairn-Fasque: Highland ABV 42%

Colour: Chestnut Red. Nose: Baking spices, dried fruit, poached pears and a good whiff of oak. Palate: Rich and well bodied with toffee pennies, oak spice, vanilla, subtle mocha and bold sherry flavours. Finish: Medium in length with raisins, sultanas, sherry and oak lingering



Fettercairn-Fior: Highland ABV 42%

Colour: Rich bronze. Nose: Sherry and smoke with ginger, orange peel, toffee, chocolate and vanilla. Palate: Medium to full with orange, treacle, toffee, dark chocolate and endearing nuttiness. Finish: Lengthy with smoky toffee, liquorice and mildly spicy oak.



Glenallachie-16 Y.O. (CC): Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Light gold. Nose: Sweet vanilla and ripe pear with defined hints of lemon/orange zest developing, fresh and floral. Palate: Medium and creamy, sweet with hints of well toasted malt, a burst of peppery warmth develops with touches of rich milk chocolate and ripe fruits lingering. Finish: Long, soft and well rounded.



Glenburgie-10 Y.O. (G&M): Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Quite full and rich with notes of sherried sultanas and dried mixed peel, toasted malt, toasted oak and a mild herbal tone. Palate: Light to medium with soft fruits, mild oak and vanilla. Finish: Medium in length, gentle, supple, drying, oranges and crisp red grapes which hint at the use of sherry casks finishing with a touch of ginger.




Glencadam-15 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Perfumy, floral, elegant, ripe summer fruits, plum pudding and peach melba. Palate: Full, silky, smooth and mouth coating, very creamy with strawberry yoghurt.  Finish: Short to medium but sweet and satisfying.



Glendeveron-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Fresh, toasty cereal notes, dried barley sugar, wood shavings, blossom, musty attic notes, touch of cream, grist and a pleasant floral note. Palate: Full, stemmy cut hay, earthy roots, toasted cereals, wood shavings, grist and soft oak. Finish: Long, full of cereal and dry wood notes.                                                                                                        £3.90





Glendronach-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Deep Tan. Nose: Mint flavoured toffee, vanilla, sherry, winey notes and berries. Palate: Medium with fresh cranberry and blueberry juice, peppery, no cloying sweetness and warm peat. Finish: Medium length, savoury, peaty and sherry.



Glen Elgin-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Mahogany/bronze with green highlights. Nose: Sweet, almonds and marzipan, orange juice, trace of sawn wood, with water the esters are revealed along with nut oil, traces of fresh pear and a whiff of smoke. Palate: Medium with a pleasant, smooth mouthfeel, sweet then dryish with some acidity, well balanced. Finish: Good length that has a dryish, balanced finish.



Glenfarclas-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich amber. Nose: Loads of juicy sherry, honey, toffee with malted barley. Palate: Winter spice, fruitcake, toffee with a hint of smoke. Finish: Long with spicy fruity oak.



Glenfiddich- 12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Grainy, slightly floral, mineralic, orchard fruit, malt, honey and developing citrus fruit. Palate: Light, smooth and floral with a touch of spice. Finish: Lengthy, oily and sweet with a touch of oak and lots of fruit.                                                                                                                                                                                                        £3.00



Glenfiddich-14 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Lots of oak influence, very fruity, nutmeg, cinnamon, bourbon, fruits and dates. Palate: Full mouth feel with bourbon sweetness with lots of general fruitiness and sublimely smooth. Finish: Good length, nutty, toasty, fruity and a hint of char.



Glenfiddich- 15 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Deep bronze. Nose: Sherry, citrus, orange in particular, dry wood and a light suggestion of smoke. Palate: Medium with rich sherry, raisins, fruitcake, spices and sweetness. Finish: Lengthy with candied fruits, spices, raisins and christmas pudding with oak eventually taking over.






Glenfiddich- 18 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich Gold. Nose: Loads of fruit, zesty grapefruit, baked toffee apple, chocolate, wood and cinnamon. Palate: Candied fruit and freshness balances richer notes of dried apricot, more cinnamon and toffee, ginger and dry sherry. Finish: Long with fruit peels and a touch of salted toffee.



Glengarioch-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 48%

Colour: Honey. Nose: Heathery floral notes balanced with the richness of poached pears and the sweetness of malted barley. Palate: Crème brulee, and sweet ripe banana at first, then a light oakiness with pear fruitiness. Finish: Long, smooth, creamy and fragrant.



Glengarioch-(OMC) 16 Y.O.: Highland ABV 50%

Colour: Old Gold. Nose: Vanilla, toffee apples, spice, biscuity malt. Palate: Malty, spicy palate entry with brandy butter and cooked fruit. Finish: Long with gentle spices and sweet vanilla.



Glenglassaugh-Revival: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Green Copper. Nose: Caramel and toffee with nuts, sherry, honey and red fruit with charred oak. Palate: Sweet and creamy with oranges, plums, cherries, walnuts and sherry prominent. Finish: Medium with mulled wine spices, sherry and caramel.




Glenglassaugh-Torfa: Highland ABV 50%

Colour: Pale gold. Nose: Smoke and citrus in equal measures plus sweet spice. Palate: Medium to full and syrupy with very light smoke, fruity notes of melon, apple and citrus balanced by warming barley and a briny edge. Finish: Long with smoky notes and vanilla.                                                                                                                                                     £3.30


Glengoyne-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Amber. Nose: Slightly herbal, big bourbon influence, milk bottle sweets, more creamy than fruity. Palate: Rich with barley, clean and dry with more bourbon influence. Finish: Long, barley rich and a touch of hoi sin.







Glengrant-Major’s Reserve: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Delicate, fragrant, slightly honeyed, pear drops and newly mown hay. Palate: Clean, slightly sweet with honey, green apples and vanilla. Finish: Quite short with clean citrus and lingering almonds.



Glengrant-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Full Gold. Nose: Dry but soft with some sweetness. Palate: Light to medium with no obvious sherry notes, lightly sweet to start becoming nutty and very dry. Finish: Short to medium, very dry with herbal notes.


Glengyle-Kilkerran W.I.P. 5 Sherry Cask: Campbeltown ABV46%

Colour: Deep Amber. Nose: Rich with leather, sherry, dried fruit and satisfying nuttiness. Palate: Rich and sharp with lemon, coconut, vanilla, raisin, dried fruits, apricots and fruitcake. Finish: Long for a young whisky, mellow, sea salt and classic sherry sweetness lingering.



Glenkinchie-12 Y.O.: Lowland ABV 43%

Colour: Amber gold. Nose: Very aromatic with freesias, melons, lemons and vanilla. Palate: Medium bodied and quite sweet with crème anglaise, chewy nougat, citrus fruits and spice. Finish: Fairly long with drying spice, aniseed and nougat.


The Glenlivet- Founders Reserve: SpeysideABV 40%

Colour: Light gold. Nose: Dates, a touch of salinity, sharp plum, apricot wine, orange zest, toffee, struck match, chocolate raisins, pear drops, sweet cinnamon, honeysuckle and sweet pea. Palate: Medium and fruity, sweet, toffee, milk chocolate, banoffee pie and apple turnover. Finish: surprisingly lengthy with creamy toffee, a little oak, sweet barley sugar and milk chocolate raisins linger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     £3.10


The Glenlivet-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Vibrant aromas of summer meadows and tropical fruits, notably pineapple. Palate: Floral notes, smooth and sweet fruit notes of fresh peach, pear and vanilla. Finish: Long with Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts.


The Glenlivet-15 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Old rich Gold. Nose: Nutty, aromatic, oak, dried apple, freesia, hot sawdust. Palate: Light body, clean and nutty with a floral lift. Finish: Long, with bags of sherry and a hint of smoke.




The Glenlivet-16 Y.O. Nadurra: Speyside ABV 54.8%

Colour: Lemon Gold. Nose: Soft hints of marmalade, subtle spices, floral notes and vanilla surrounding all of it. Palate: More floral notes, fruit and honey followed by toasted oak. Finish: Long with subtle oak continuing throughout supported by a nice amount of spice.



The Glenlivet-18 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Old Gold with apricot hue. Nose: Fragrant, elegant, complex with a sweet oakiness reminiscent of an antique shop. Oak leads the way to heady floral fragrances of freesia and peony. Toffee notes emerge in time along with butterscotch, mint chocolate and summer fruit pie. Palate: firm, smooth and velvety with sweetness followed by tantalising burst of spices and bitter oranges drying out on oaky notes. Finish: Long, oaky and gingery, distant smoke and a dry austere touch.



The Glenlivet-(G&M) 21 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Sherry, liquorice, almonds and stewed figs with ripe tropical fruits. Palate: Sherry, spices, chocolate, apple and exotic fruits with cracked black pepper. Finish: Long and smooth with sherry, honey, apple and soft fruit.



Glenlossie-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Pale Yellow. Nose: Full of cereal and grist with notes of fruit peels, malt, wood shavings and hay. Palate: Good body with decent sweetness, plenty of fruit, barley sugar and peppery oak. Finish: Long with gristy tannins.



Glenmorangie-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Pale yellow gold. Nose: Floral, vanilla, citrus fruits and butterscotch. Palate: Creamy, soft and fresh with oranges, crème brulee, spices and nuts. Finish: Medium-long, drying towards the end, salty with flaked almonds and cinnamon.



Glenmorangie-Companta: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Ruby Red. Nose: Heady and fruity with notes of chocolate and spice, umami like delivery of truffles and forest floor, red berry and toasted almonds. Palate: Huge, massive spice, pipe tobacco, lots of black pepper, hints of sherbet, ginger, stewed prunes, molasses. Quite chocolaty and tremendously complex. Finish: Very long sweet finish with hints of clove oil, muscovado sugar and chestnut mushroom, remains oily and mouth coating for minutes.





Glenmorangie-Lasanta 12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Deep Oak with Ruby Highlights. Nose: Creamy and of caramel, crème anglaise and chocolate raisins, quite dry with notes of mixed sweet spices. Palate: Thick with honeyed raisins, sweet beeswax, melted vanilla ice cream, sherry and rich butter. Finish: Long with honey and cream, slight oaky dryness a dusting of cocoa powder, vanilla and ripe fruits.



Glenmorangie-Milsean:Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Rich bronze. Nose: Seaside fudge, coconut ice, blueberries, candied peels, fresh fruit develops with water. Palate: Beautifully full and mouth coating, cinnamon, yellow plum, melon, coconut, subtle oak, fruity sweetness and orange. Finish: Long, intriguing balance of sweetness and spice, like strawberry laces and ginger snaps. Think old sweet shops.



Glenmorangie-Nectar D’or 12 Y.O.:Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Bright Gold. Nose: Dessert wine, honey, soft fruits and spices. Palate: Medium with sultanas and dates, gingerbread, custard and balanced lemon notes. Finish: Long and spicy with developing citrus fruits, vanilla and ripe fruits.




Glenmorangie-QuintaRuban 12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Coppery pink. Nose: Rich and fruity with mint chocolate and walnuts. Palate: Silky smooth, big and slightly peppery with barley sugar and milk chocolate. Finish: Long and comforting with dark chocolate orange, vanilla and ripe fruits.



Glenmorangie- Tusail: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Light gold. Nose: Deep, earthy, robust aromas of malty, biscuity tones with a backbone of nut toffee. Palate: Full with a rich, rustic profile of nut toffee, sweet barley malt, ginger, cinnamon, dates and molasses compliment peaches, oranges and smoked pears. Finish: Long  and lingering with a mouth coating finish.



Glen Moray- Classic: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Light, fresh, gristy and nutty with a floral, fruity, dried grass bouquet. Palate: Gentle, oaky and well balanced with walnuts, grist, citrus and lemon sponge. Finish: Medium length with tangy citrus and spicy fruitcake.





Glen Moray- 10 Y.O. Chardonnay: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: A fresh, clean nose with hints of apple, pear drops, key lime pie, and bubblegum fading to a cinnamon sugar aroma. Palate: Caramelised fruit and butterscotch with an elegantly soft mouth feel. Finish: Moderate and nutty with vanilla, soft cinnamon and spice, culminating with gentle floral notes and toasted oak.



Glen Moray- Port Cask: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Pink gold. Nose: Creamy vanilla, jammy redcurrants, blackberries and toasted oak. Palate: Light to medium with butterscotch candies, golden barley, cinnamon, light notes of raisins and freshly picked red berries. Finish: Rather long with honey, vanilla and cocoa.                                                                                                                                                £3.20


Glen Moray- Peated: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Light gold. Nose: Layers of peat with a background vanilla, tangy rhubarb and hints of leather. Palate: Light bodied, full flavour with instant peat smoke, light spicing and creamy vanilla. Finish: Long, sweet and spicy.




Glenrothes-Select Reserve: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Deep rich gold. Nose: Toffee, vanilla, geraniums, lemons, honey and oaky spice. Palate: Quite full-bodied, medium sweet with orange zest, biscuits, butterscotch, plums

and custard. Finish: Medium length, Seville marmalade, nuts, chocolate and biscuits.




Glen Spey- 12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Light, fragrant, fresh, green dried grass, resinous, beeswax, honey sweetness. Palate: Soft, smooth, oily and mouth coating, with dried grass, fruity, calvados, malty and nutty. Finish: Medium in length and gentle with a nutty, oaky warmth.



Glentauchers-(G&M) 1994: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Firm gold. Nose: Sweet with pear, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon zest and vanilla. Palate: Chilli and summer berries complimented with melons, kiwis, oranges and peaches. Finish: Long and sweet with fruit and honey.





Glenturret-10 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Full with malted barley and toasted cereal, notes of nutty oiliness, a touch of fruit peels and a herbal tang with a good, oaken, honey sweetness. Palate: Thick with rich and fruity sweetness, well balanced tannins, a touch of cut hay and a little earthy note. Finish: Medium in length with a beautiful sweetness.



Highland Park-12 Y.O.: Islands ABV 40%

Colour: Amber. Nose: Heather honey sweetness and peaty smokiness. Palate: Medium bodied, quite sweet and smoky with layers of dark chocolate, heather honey, spiced oranges and cinnamon. Finish: Quite long, with subtle smoke, dark Belgian chocolate and orange marmalade at the end.


Highland Park-18 Y.O.: Islands ABV 43%

Colour: Firm gold. Nose: A profusion of ripe floral notes and fresh blossom with delectable fruit salad, notes of honeyed, exotic fruits and a little botrytis. Palate: Full and creamy with

fruit conserves, espresso, cinnamon, allspice, toffee, citrus and thick black forest honey. Finish: Long and well sugared with a herbal edge.



Highland Park-21 Y.O.: Islands ABV 47.5%

Colour: Deep bronze. Nose: Sweet sherry with a hint of balsamic, wrapped round a toffee centre. Palate: Great body and texture with well structured sweetness, muscovado sugar with

some smoke and apple crumble. Finish: Long with spicy raisins and a lingering exotic note



Highland Park-Dark Origins: Islands ABV 46.8%

Colour: Rich mahogany. Nose: Baking spices, cocoa, vanilla, dates, coffee cream, blackcurrant, liquorice, butterscotch and chocolate with a lovely peat whiff. Palate: Full with fragrant

peat emerging with nutty melted milk chocolate, orange and sweet cooked pastries. Finish: Long and sweet, dry chocolate and a touch of heather smoke.



Inchgower- 14 Y.O.:  Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Lemon gold. Nose: Light and delicate, zesty tang of sugary, citrus notes, hints of stemmy hay and a gentle waft of barley, tones of apple peel and cocoa. Palate: Medium with fresh hay and petals, notes of arak and well balanced tannins, some spicy notes with crystallised ginger. Finish: Medium in length with spice and tangy citrus notes.






Jura-10 Y.O. Original: Islands ABV 40%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Aromatic and dry, orange zest and almonds, a whiff of smoke and salt spray. Palate: Medium bodied and dry, with fruit and peat notes and the suggestion of heather, almonds and pine. Finish: Medium length, salty and malty finish.



Jura- Diurach’s Own 16 Y.O.: Islands ABV 40%

Colour: Rich amber. Nose: Fragrant, slightly floral cereal, some minerality, cream, orange, mixed nuts, redcurrant, green apple, dark chocolate and spice. Palate: Oily, rich, round and resinous with sweet tobacco, mixed nuts, clove, milk chocolate and violet. Finish: Long and drying with fragrant oak and lingering chocolate.



Jura- Superstition: Islands ABV 43%

Colour: Dark oak. Nose: Gristy and quite like new make but with evocative smoke, heady malt, sweet honey like character, cream and vanilla. Palate: Full and oily, sweet, porridge and cereals, white pepper, black forest honey and hot buttered toast. Finish: Medium with hints of honey and spice on the tail.



Jura- Tastival: Islands ABV 44%

Colour: Mahogany. Nose: Nuts, red apples, pecans, manuka honey, dates, peach and barley. Palate: Dark and nutty with sweet caramel, honey and apricots. Finish: Long with brazil nuts, banana, frangipane and apples.



Kilchoman-Machir Bay 2014: Islay ABV 46%

Colour: Lemon yellow. Nose: Initial peet reek, lemon and orange zest, Viennese finger biscuits, green apple, jam and white pepper. Palate: Light but well flavoured with a consistent peatiness, fruit, raisin, cassis, sweet hazelnut, vanilla and winter spice. Finish: Medium in length with rolled oats, fruit tang and peat smoke lingering.



Knockando- 12 Y.O. (2000): Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Pale amber. Nose: Quite gentle, very fragrant, notes of honey, malted barley, roots, cut hay and a slight background of peat. Palate: Light in body, full in flavour with notes of heather

roots damp earth, honeyed sweetness, Jamaican ginger cake, a touch of rum and malty peat. Finish: Quite short and clean with winter spice and crystallised stem ginger with cereal notes.





Lagavulin- 12 Y.O.: Islay ABV 56.1%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Spent matches and wood smoke, a good dose of sea spray with hints of malt wine, lemon zest, lip balm, lemonade, fresh apple peel and salted butter. Palate: Medium body with huge peatsmoke notes, dried grass, cocoa, coal tar, candied lemons, pine oil and manuka honey. Finish: Long smoky finish with notes of treacle and black forest honey.                                                                                                                                                               £6.50


Lagavulin-16 Y.O.: Islay ABV 43%

Colour: Full Amber. Nose: Sea spray and peat smoke with some stinging at the back of the nose. Palate: Full, smooth and firm with peaty dryness, oily, grassy and salty notes emerging. Finish: Long and warming with smoky peat fire.



Laphroaig-10 year old: Islay ABV 40%

Colour: Refractive gold. Nose: Pungent, earthy aroma of blue peatsmoke, with wafts of seashore and hints of vanilla oakiness. Palate: Full bodied and rather dry, very peaty, smoky, salty and medicinal with some malty nuttiness and a little citrus zest and black pepper. Finish: Long and smoky, with medicinal seaweed.



Laphroaig-Select: Islay ABV 43%

Colour: Pale yellow, green highlights. Nose: Sweet, medicinal peat, citrus, chocolate and soft barley. Palate: Laidback peat, lemon, green apple, mint and fruitcake spice. Finish: Medium to long with peat lingering to the end.



Ledaig-N.A.S.: Islands ABV 42%

Colour: pale yellow gold. Nose: Sweet, custardy, sherry oakiness and toffee. Palate: Mellow, fruit, oak, well balanced with a hint of peat. Finish: Drying, with soft spices but satisfying.



Linkwood-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 43%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Malty, fresh soft fruits, faint almond, vanilla, light cigar box notes, hint of perfume, with water it becomes more strongly perfumed with the addition of apples,

banana and bubblegum. Palate: Light to medium, rounded, mouth filling, smooth and viscous but fresh and clean with overall honey sweetness, almond and a pleasant acidity. Finish: Long, smooth and dry with a slightly woody acidity and soft herbs.






Loch Lomond-N.A.S.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Bright Gold. Nose: Freshly made toast and brandy snaps. Palate: Smooth and creamy with powered sugar, Turkish delight, pistachio nuts and banana. Finish: Light but long with lemony balancing dryness.



Macallan-Gold 1824 Series: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Burnished gold. Nose: Lemon citrus, orange peel, endearing sweetness, vanilla and dark chocolate. Palate: Moderate and mouth coating with citrus, boiled sweets, ginger, cinnamon, soft oak and toasted apples. Finish:  Medium in length, moderate sweetness, malty and slightly dry.



Macallan-Amber 1824 Series: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Full amber. Nose: Soft aromatic vanilla, lemon, barley, ginger, milk chocolate buttons and raisins. Palate: Thick and fruity, golden sultanas, dates, apple peelings, cinnamon, cereal notes, mince pies and shortbread. Finish: Fairly long with fragrant oak finish and mince pies lingering.



Macallan-Sienna 1824 Series: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Deep old gold/bronze. Nose: Noticeably bigger than the Gold or Amber with orange peel, vanilla sugar and hot cross buns. Palate: Full, rich and creamy, intense raisin, dried apricots, ripe greengages and frozen currents. Finish: Long and fruity, slightly spiced, faint anise and vanilla.



Macallan-Ruby 1824 Series: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Rich Ruby. Nose: Rich wedding cake, espresso, cocoa, a little clove and walnut. Palate: Extremely full, mouth coating, rich and creamy with raspberry coulis, maraschino, prunes and marmalade. Finish: Very long, rich and satisfying with dark berries, ginger, sherried fruit and cake spice.



Oban-14 Y.O.: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Full Gold to Amber. Nose: Whiff of sea, touch of fresh peat and some saltiness. Palate: Firm, smooth, slightly viscous, deceptively delicate at first, perfumed and a faint hint of

fruity seaweed then lightly waxy becoming smoky and dry. Finish: Medium, aromatic, smooth and appetising.





Old Pulteney-12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Bright shiny gold. Nose: Crisp and clean, great balance reveals notes of herbs, grist, parsley and almonds. Palate: Balanced with medium body, musty, nutty, sultana, toffee, spices and oak. Finish: Medium in length with oak and spices.



Old Pulteney- 21 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Golden amber with straw highlights. Nose: robust with traces of fruits like apples and pears topped off with spices. Palate: Full and endearingly oily with creamy, toffee, vanilla, baked red apple and a hint of smokiness. Finish: Long, fruity, rich and drying.                                                                                                                                                                £9.00


Scapa- 16 Y.O.: Islands ABV 40%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Thick and rich with notes of honeycomb and toffee, dried peels and notes of marmalade and malt. Palate: Full with a silken delivery, notes of heather roots, cut grass, honeyed oak, winter spices like cinnamon and clove, topped off with acacia honey. Finish: Long and developing with notes of dry oak and a gentle weaving smoke.                                                                                                                                                                                               £5.80


the Singleton-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Bright copper. Nose: Malty, cereal/barley sweetness, buttered toast, wood shavings, hay and walnut. Palate: Orange zest, spicyness, malty, nuts, oak, toffee and hints of grass. Finish: Good length with oaky richness and lingering fruit.



Speyburn-10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Lemon gold. Nose: Fresh, grassy, malty, orange zest, honey and a touch of smoke. Palate: Medium bodied and quite sweet with honeycomb, pear drops, green apples and herbal notes. Finish: Fairly short, fresh, clean, sweet and fruity with a touch of spice.



the Speyside-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Bright bronze. Nose: Fragrant, light and malty with a whiff of smoke. Palate: Medium bodied, creamy with fruity and floral notes, hazelnuts and vanilla. Finish: Fairly short and sweet like and aperitif.







Springbank-10 Y.O.: Campbeltown ABV 46%

Colour: Lemon gold. Nose: Aromatic with pears, vanilla, coconut and a salty, smoky note. Palate: Medium bodied and medium sweet, creamy at first with fudge, then salt, pepper and slightly peaty. Finish: Fairly lengthy with delicate sherry sweetness developing with background spices, salt and smoke.



Strathisla-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Deep Gold. Nose: Apricot, cereal grains, fresh cut oak. Palate: Medium and rounded, sherried, fruity, mouth coating, teasing sweet and dry character. Finish: Lengthy, smooth and soothing with violets and vanilla.




Talisker-10 Y.O.: Islands ABV 45.8%

Colour: Amber. Nose: Powerful peatsmoke and salty seashore, ripe bananas, oiled jackets, kippers and rich spice. Palate: Rich, full bodied, pungent with seashore, barley malt,

black pepper, chilli and ginger. Finish: Quite long with peatsmoke, chilli and black pepper lingering at the end.



Talisker-Storm: Islands ABV 45.8%

Colour: Deep rich amber. Nose: Initial brine, quite creamy, citrus, BBQ and white pepper. Palate: Thick and mouth coating with wood smoke, brine, tin, chilli and sherry sweetness. Finish: Long with red chilli peppers, oak dryness and a hint of embers.



Tamdhu- 10 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich Oak. Nose: Honeycomb, Eccles cake and liquorice, with vanilla and spice. Palate: Oily texture with caramel, pepper, oranges and sherbert. Finish: Medium length

and dry with sweet wood, butter, charred oak and spice.



Teaninich-16 Y.O.: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Rich gold. Nose: Pronounced sweetness and delicate tropical fruits. Palate: Sherry sweetness, spicy, light and balanced. Finish: Medium in length, smooth and sweet.







Tobermory- 10 Y.O.: Islands ABV 46.3%

Colour: Pale yellow. Nose: Aromatic and fresh, malty with a nutty aroma, a floral edge and a hint of smoke. Palate: Medium bodied and sweet, smooth and velvety with stewed fruit, spiced gingerbread, aniseed and underlying sweet heather-peat smoke. Finish: Medium length, spicy, citrusy and earthy at the end.



Tomatin- 12 Y.O.: Highland ABV 40%

Colour: Bronze. Nose: Aromatic, sweet, rich malt and light smoke. Palate: Medium bodied, quite sweet, bramley apples, honey and spice, almost nougat. Finish: Quite long and satisfying finish with nutty, liquorice and sherry at the end.



Tomatin- Cù Bòcan: Highland ABV 46%

Colour: Yellow Gold. Nose: Fresh and floral with citrus, oranges and grapefruit. Palate: Light smoke underlying, sweet chilli and nuts. Finish: Medium with a lingering balanced smoke and vanilla.



Tomatin- Legacy: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Gold. Nose: Lemon, panatela, vanilla and pine forest. Palate: Moderate body with cracked pepper, sweet barley, pineapple boiled sweets and waves of warming oak. Finish: Medium in length, sweet, vanilla and pepper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  £3.00


Tomintoul-16 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Rich Gold. Nose: Punchy with stemmy cut hay, dried grasses, leafy green notes, roots and fudge. Palate: Full with boiled sweets, espresso, mochaccino, ground almonds, granary toast, melted butter, vanilla fudge and thick cream. Finish: Good length with notes of almond and barley sugar.



Tormore-12 Y.O.: Speyside ABV 40%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Light and fresh, cut hay, stemmy grass, cut flowers, leafy notes, resin and pine oil, malt extract, toasted barley, cinnamon and pepper. Palate: Medium bodied and very smooth with notes of Dundee marmalade with fresh zesty notes, hints of slightly sour grapes, fresh hay, grass, barley sugar and soft oak. Finish: Good length with a touch of oak and hay.






Tullibardine- Sovereign: Highland ABV 43%

Colour: Lemon. Nose: Soft vanilla, cocoa butter, white chocolate, allspice and charred oak. Palate: A little mixed peel with hints of perry, allspice and creamy chocolate, a core of rich malt and maple syrup. Finish: Moderate, spiced, creamy with plenty of vanilla and cinnamon.