Irish Pot Still & Grain Whiskey

Midleton-Green Spot: ABV 40%

Colour: Pale, shiny gold. Nose: Lively aromas, fresh hay, wood sap, oil and peppermint. Palate: Firm, developing spicy mint characters, dry and assertive. Finish: Long, leafy, rooty with a medicinal warming.



Midleton-Yellow Spot 12 Y.O.: ABV 46%

Colour: Bright Gold. Nose: Masses of fleshy stone fruit like peach and apricot, sherried dried fruit and bourbon cask vanilla. Palate: Substantial body with a recurring theme of fruit with a velvety texture. Finish: Long and sweet with hints of marzipan and dried apricot.



Midleton- Redbreast 12 Y.O.: ABV 40%

Colour: Bright bronze. Nose: Clean, fresh, hint of linseed, nuts and Christmas cake. Palate: Assertive and complex, lots of development and seemingly infinite dimensions, ginger cake, Brazil nuts and treacle. Finish: Liquorice-like with strong sherry notes.



Powers’ Johns’ Lane-12 Y.O.: ABV 46%

Colour: Rich gold. Nose: Barley, copper, fresh oak and leather to start with juicy fruit developing. Palate: Medium, light and very smooth with vanilla, dry spice, chocolate and coffee leading to dark fruit, raisins and blackcurrants. Finish: Medium to long with vanilla and drying copper notes.



Cooley-Kilbeggan 8 Y.O. Single Grain: ABV 40%

Colour: Soft gold. Nose: Sweetly appetising, toasty and lemony. Palate: Light, clean, sweet vanilla, some resinous lemon peel notes and pronounced honey. Finish: Firm and somewhat dry.