Irish Blended Whiskey

Midleton-Jameson: ABV 40%

Colour: Rich gold. Nose: Full and floral with a smooth sweetness with marmalade, fudge, Madeira and a hint of cut grass. Palate: Thick and of good body with notes of orchard fruits, both fresh, and cooked with vanilla cream. Finish: Lengthy with sherried sweetness and hints of soft fruits.



Midleton-Jameson Stout Cask: ABV 40%

Colour: Deep gold. Nose: Hearty aroma of coffee, cocoa and fresh barley. Palate: Medium bodied with honey, vanilla cream and a slight hop flavour. Finish: Medium and rich with smooth pronounced notes of toffee, caramel and bitter chocolate.



Midleton-Tullamore Dew: ABV 40%

Colour: Yellow gold. Nose: Fruity and biscuity with gristy notes, caramel and toffee sweetness and citrus peel. Palate: Good body with sherried fruit peel and spice with butter honey and vanilla. Finish: Quite vegetal and long with notes of caramel and toffee.



West Cork and The Pogues: ABV 40%

Colour: Bright gold. Nose: Vanilla, soft fruit, malt and cracked nuts. Palate: Medium body and rich in malt character due to the whisky having the highest malt ratio of any Irish blend, vanilla, cut grass and echoing cracked nuts. Finish: Medium in length with vanilla, balanced honey and malt lingering.