English Whisky

St. Georges:

          -Chapter 4(not quite): ABV 46%

Colour: Pale yellow. Nose: Peat. Palate: Smooth, well integrated heavy peat, very fruity. Finish: short with christmas spices and a hint of orange zest.



                   -Chapter 6(unpeated): ABV 46%

Colour: Lemon gold. Nose: Light and smooth, fresh, fragrant, sweet, soft, slightly spicy, cut grass, vanilla, hints of lime, banana and pear with a waft of marzipan. Palate: Full bodied, tingly and textured, fresh wood, vanilla, fruity and nutty, slightly citrusy. Finish: Short-medium length with vanilla and almonds.



                   -Chapter 7 (Rum): ABV 46%

Colour: bright gold. Nose: Sweet, soft and slightly spicy, vanilla, rum and raisin ice cream, nutty with marzipan. Palate: Soft citrus notes, slightly pepper spice, hints of raisins, dry and nutty. Finish: Medium length, raisins, cane sugar and vanilla.                                                                                                                                                                                              £3.00


-Classic(unpeated): ABV 43%

Colour: Bright Lemon. Nose: Fragrant, soft and sweet with a hint of spice. Palate: Strong vanilla with lime, mango, apricot, cut grass and marzipan. Finish: Short, clean, dry and slightly salty.



-Peated: ABV 43%

Colour: Bright Lemon. Nose: Light smoky peat with hints of strawberries, burned corn and iodine. Palate: Light peat with sweet honey, brine, light fruit and malt. Finish: Medium to long with peat smoke, nuts and malt.



 -Distiller’s elect: ABV 46%

Colour: Copper. Nose: Fragrant peat, wafts of sherry and soft fruit, prunes, light esthers. Palate: Strong pepperiness, moderate and balanced peat and smoke with sherry sweetness and hints of vanilla and soft fruits. Finish: Very Long with cocoa, peat, honeyed sweetness and white pepper.







The Lakes Distillery- The One: ABV 40%

Colour: Light gold. Nose: Fairly complex, malty, creamy, vanilla toffee, hints of smoke and apples. Palate: Faily full, like the nose plus nicely sweet, well balanced and mouth coating. Finish: Surprisingly long, warming and oily, thick cream and vanilla, lasting hints of smoke, fruits and wood.                                                                                                  £3.10


The Lakes Distillery- The One Sherry Finish:ABV 43%

Colour: Old gold. Nose: Classic Christmas cake spice from the oloroso sherry cask wrapped up in vanilla, raisins, sultanas, plain chocolate and buttered toast. Palate: Well textured, creamy and

mouth coating with more of the classic sherry flavours, fairly complex. Finish: Good length with vanilla, mixed spice, dried fruit and lingering sherry.