Whisky Menu

At The Commercial we pride ourselves on being one of the premier Real Ale and Whisky establishments in Sheffield.

This Whisky Menu is designed to help you choose which Whisky suits your mood and your palate.

The list is separated into nationalities and styles, and has structured and extensive tasting notes to aid your selection.

Drinking whisky is a matter of taste but we recommend it be taken with water, but only after you have tasted the neat spirit first to determine if you think you need to add water. However, if you prefer yours with ice, that’s your choice.

To get the most out of your Whisky, we recommend that you follow these simple steps: Smell-taste- add ½ tsp water (if needed)-smell-taste and repeat until you find your balance.

Whisky tasting nights are held on the second Tuesday of every month. There are also special Distillery Hosted evenings which are advertised prior to the event.

Whisky Glossary

International Whiskies

Irish Single Malts

Irish Pot Still & Grain Whiskey

Irish Blended Whiskey

Scottish Blends & Grain Whisky

Scottish Blended Malt

Scottish Single Malts

English Whisky