Food Menu

Traditional main meals

If you don’t fancy home-made chips then ask for curly fries, mash, seasoned wedges or jacket potato.

The Commercial home-made steak and ale pie – £6.95

Lean steak and onions cooked in beer and topped with short crust pastry.

Served with home-made chips, garden or mushy peas, and onion gravy.

10oz Gammon steak – £7.25

Tasty un-smoked gammon steak with both egg and pineapple, chips, garden peas and fresh salad.

Whole-tail Whitby scampi – £6.45

Succulent scampi pieces served with home-made chips, lemon, garden or mushy peas and fresh salad.

Crispy battered cod – £5.95

A generously sized deep fried battered cod, served with home-made chips, lemon, garden or mushy peas and fresh salad.

Hot chicken and bacon salad – £6.45

Lightly spiced chicken, pan fried and mixed with chopped back bacon, served on a bed of crispy salad with croutons and a traditional vinaigrette dressing.

Hot and spicy main meals

These dishes are all served with basmati rice, half rice and half chips, or chips and salad. If you want it spicier just ask!

Paul’s famous home-made chilli – £6.25

Using the same recipe for over 30 years, Paul’s chilli is unique, very tasty but won’t blow your head off!

Home cooked chicken curry – £6.25

Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked in a Madras style sauce.

Home cooked mushroom curry – £5.95

Pan fried mushrooms in a Madras style sauce.

Home-made 7 bean veggie chilli – £5.95

A truly magnificent vegetarian chilli prepared with red lentils, onions and seven different types of bean.


Our omelettes are freshly made, topped with cheese, and served with home-made chips, salad and garden peas.

Plain omelette – £4.95

Cheese omelette – £5.65

Ham omelette – £5.85

Mushroom omelette – £5.85

Ham and cheese omelette – £6.45

Cheese and mushroom omelette – £6.25

Ham, cheese and mushroom omelette – £6.65

Cold sandwiches

Made with a large bread cake and served with a side salad and coleslaw.

Ham – £2.25

Cheese – £1.95

Tuna mayo – £2.25

Hot baguettes

An oven baked baguette with freshly cooked fillings, served with salad and coleslaw.

Cajun chicken – £3.85

Cheese and tuna melt – £3.45

Hot sandwiches

A large toasted bread cake, side salad and coleslaw. Add a portion of home-made chips, spicy wedges or curly fries to your sandwich plate for £1.30.

Choose from the following fillings:

Veggie burger and onions – £2.60

Veggie cheese burger and onions – £2.95

Veggie chilli burger – £3.95

Veggie sausage and fried onions – £2.95

Steak canadian and onions – £2.65

Sausage and fried onions – £2.65

Bacon – £2.65

Bacon and egg – £2.95

Bacon and mushroom – £2.95

Bacon, lettuce and tomato – £2.95

Chip butty (in a buttered bread cake, no salad) – £1.80

Chip butty with cheese and fried onions – £2.50

Jacket potatoes


Butter – £3.35

Cheese – £3.95

Tuna mayo – £4.45

Beans – £3.95

Coleslaw – £3.95

Cheese and beans – £4.45

Home-made chilli or 7 bean chilli – £4.95

The ‘Commie’ burger

Our home-made burgers are made from extra lean minced steak and weigh 200 grammes before cooking (that’s just under half a pound).

They are served in a toasted bread cake with fried onions, salad and coleslaw.

Your burger can be topped with cheese, bacon, mushroom, fried egg, or pineapple.

Add a portion of home-made chips, spicy wedges or curly fries to your burger for £1.30.

Plain burger – £3.45

One topping – £3.95

Two toppings – £4.45

Three toppings – £4.85

Chilli burger – £4.95

Extra portions

Bowl of home-made chips, spicy wedges or curly fries – £1.60

Portion of onion rings – £1.90

Portion of mushrooms – £1.90

Four slices of garlic bread – £1.95

Four slices of cheesy garlic bread – £2.60